Thursday, July 31, 2008

Some layouts...

with the August kit from My Scrap Shoppe .

I seriously LOVED this kit!! The gorgeous papers, oh my. This is my first time working with October Afternoon pp and I loved all of the colours and the patterns!

I ended up making over 10 layouts with it! And I have pretty much used up all of the October Afternoon pp. (Of course, I'll probably see if I can squeeze another layout out of the scraps. ;) ) I have a little bit of the KI left, which I want to make another layout using the stamp (Marcy had a bit of a problem getting them on time-- but I'm sure it'll be worth the wait! :) )

So, here are my layouts:

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Well, sort of...

Today is Cameron's birthday. We'd planned to go out for supper to the Iceburg Drive-in in Winkler for supper followed by a round of mini-golf at the Meadows.

But the kids and I wanted to do a little more...

So, we baked a banana cake this morning and made some cards:

(from left to right: Jonah's, mine, Austin's and Sage's (I love how she writes her name!!)

Here's a close up of mine. (I used Scenic Route and My Mind's Eye pp, a Doodlebug paper frill, an Autumn Leaves chipboard shape, a Tim Holtz ticket, some Carolee Creations stickers and Sassafras buttons (I love these, btw, they're already sewed and they're self adhesive!! You wouldn't think that I could be so enamored by some buttons, but apparently, yes, I can. ;) )

We wrapped his gift and hid it so he could find with the kids while they play "hot & cold". (The kids love this!)

They also closed the curtains and hid, so when he walked in, they could jump out and yell surprise. It was so cute. And Cameron is such a great sport, totally playing it up. :)

And with the cake. I can't believe he's 38. It seems like just yesterday that we started dating and we celebrated his 25th birthday-- I remember teasing him that he was so old--a quarter of a century!

Time sure does fly...

Happy birthday, Cameron!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Project 366, week 30

I CANNOT believe that it is almost the end of July!! This summer is going by much too fast!! (Something you'd never hear me complain about about winter... ;) )

Here are my pictures of the day for the past week:

Tuesday, July 22nd: My older brother, Trevor and his son, Noah were visiting for a few days. So, we packed them (the days) full of activities. In the afternoon on Tuesday, we went to the Winkler Aquatic Centre, where I got this picture of Austin and Noah coming down the waterslide together.

Wednesday, July 23rd: A picture of my kids with their cousin on my front porch. Doesn't he blend in well with my kids? I wish they lived closer... Sigh... We had such a GREAT visit-- our best ever, I think. Miss you guys!!

Thursday, July 24th: I almost forgot to take a picture, so I snapped this one before bed. My cuddly Sage-a-roo.

Friday, July 25th: Hitting the beach, again. Sage decided that she liked Val's new chair and wanted to sit in it.

Saturday, July 26th: Austin's friend, Soren, slept over Friday night (a first ever one person sleepover in our home!) and I got this picture of these best friends while they were watching Saturday morning cartoons.

Sunday, July 27th: We had a wiener roast at Stanley Park in the evening, with Cam's mom, sister and her family. This is Sage and Luke, my nephew.

Monday, July 28th: My friend, Pam and her daughter, Alex, stopped by in the afternoon for a game of Scrabble and a visit. Sage and Alex were tickling each other on the couch. They were so cute, I had to take their picture!

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


We bought a new (to us) van in June. And our old van has been parked in front of our house ever since.

I wanted to take it to a junkyard and ask them how much money they'd give us for it.

My husband insisted that we try and sell it.

"Post it on and ask $1000 for it. Give it two weeks," he said.

Well, I posted it on Friday.

We had 8 phone calls and 6 emails inquiring about it.

Jeff from Carman drove out with his dad this evening to see it.

They have a shop.

They fix up vehicles and sell them.

They gave us $780 for our van.


So, apparently, my husband was right and I was wrong.

Well, what do you know.... ;)

Friday, July 25, 2008


Today started with a 4km run, continued with a trip to the library (to which Sage rode her bike WITHOUT her training wheels and is getting quite good at it!) and then a trip to the beach this afternoon, where I had a fun time relaxing with friends.

Ahh, I love summer.

I also got an email requesting a layout that I made for the Last Scrapper Standing contest at Create My Keepsake. Its going to be published in the December 2008 issue of Scrapbook Trends. :)

Now, I'm off to put the kids to bed and see if I can scrapbook a little.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Random 7 tag

I was tagged by Liz a little while ago and thought I'd play along today.

I'm suppose to share 7 random things:

1. I prefer to sit with my back to a wall. So if I'm in a restaurant, I don't like to have my back to other tables. I'm not sure why.

2. My older brother and my nephew were here visiting for a few days (they just left this afternoon) and I think it was one of the best visits that we've ever had.

3. I've lost over eight pounds since June.

4. I love to play cards and board games.

5. Last month, I entered a scrapbooking contest at Create My Keepsake called the Last Scrapper Standing. I finished in the top ten. :)

6. The only kind of berries that I like are strawberries.

7. I like to read in the bathroom.

If you're reading this and would like to play along, consider yourself tagged!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Project 366, week 29

Here are my photos of the day for the past week:

Tuesday, July 15th: Trekking down to the beach for swimming lessons.

Wednesday, July 16th: Playing in the sand at the beach.

Thursday, July 17th: Strawberry picking, round 2.

Friday, July 18th: The boys passed their levels 1 & 4 in swimming lessons, so I treated them to slushies. And Sage got one for being such a good girl at the beach. ;)

Saturday, July 19th: Amanda, my friend's daughter. She's getting married in September, so Val and I hosted a bridal shower for her at our church. Isn't she beautiful?

Sunday, July 20th: We took Sage to the park in the evening and took off her training wheels.

Monday, July 21st: My older brother, Trevor, and my nephew, Noah (in the brown t-shirt), came for a visit from Montreal. We went to the park in the afternoon to go to the wading pool and play. Noah loves soccer & is quite good at it! So fun to watch my kids interact with their cousin!

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

An evening at Stanley Park

We decided to take advantage of the beautiful evening yesterday and went to Stanley Park to enjoy a wiener roast. It was such a nice, relaxing summer evening-- absolutely perfect.

And, I got some great photos to boot! ;)

Sage, enjoying a smore.

The kids were very cooperative with me taking their pictures. :)

Something we'll definitely be doing again soon!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

No way!!

I went for a run this morning.

Nothing new, I've been trying to run 4 to 5 times a week, before Cameron leaves for the day. The route I've been running is 4.8 k (or 3 miles.)

But last night, I went to Marlo's to scrapbook (lots of fun!) and before I left, we checked out some routes on map my run.

So this morning, I decided to change my route up a bit and try a different one. I ran up the hill and back through the golf course. I couldn't quite remember exactly what we'd mapped out, and I didn't want to run less than my regular route, so I went a little further than what we'd mapped to be on the safe side.

My knee felt really good (lots of prayer there!) and I ran the whole thing. No walking. No stopping.

Now, I'm home and stretched and cooled down and I checked my route again on the site.

It was 7.26 km (or 4.5 miles)!!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A layout to share

The mid-month DT challenge is up at My Scrap Shoppe.

This month's challenge is sewing. Not a stretch for me. I love using my sewing machine when I scrapbook-- I sew on probably 80% of my layouts.

But because I love to be challenged by our challenges (otherwise, really, what's the point?), I decided to step it up a bit and do some handstitching on a page.

So here's the layout that I created:

I used some DMC floss to highlight the design on the We R Memory Keepers patterned paper.

And I thought I'd be bold and sew around the border with my machine. In RED. (That was a new one for me-- it's usually just white, off-white and dark brown in my machine. ;) )

I thought these fun pictures of Cameron and I worked well with the pp. Susan took them for us the day before our 12th anniversary in April. :)

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Project 366, week 28


My photos of the day for the past week contain lots of beach pictures. Because, that's where we were almost every day.

Just so you know. ;)

Tuesday, July 8th: It was quite cold on Tuesday and we got rained on. But the sun did come out eventually.

Wednesday, July 9th: Sage, with Austin playing with his friends in the background.

Thursday, July 10th: Jonah on the boogie board.

Friday, July 11th: Austin's friend got back from a two-week holiday and joined us at the beach. Austin was overjoyed! :)

Saturday, July 12th: My beautiful friend, Val, celebrated her birthday and we went out for brunch with friends.

Sunday, July 13th: Sage realized that she and Mary (my doll from when I was little) had matching dresses. I got some with her eyes open, but I just thought this was so sweet!

Monday, July 14th: I almost didn't take a picture yesterday!! I brought my camera to the beach, but had forgotten my memory card. Then, I forgot to take it with me to slo-pitch in the evening. It was 11:30pm and I'd just gotten into bed when I realized I hadn't taken a picture all day. I got out of bed and took a picture in my scrapspace of this card that I'd made yesterday. Whew. That would not have been good to had missed a day.

Thanks for looking!