Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I did it again

I am a creative communitcator with our church's children's program on Sunday mornings (ROX)and have been so for over 6 years now. And I love it. I do.

But some days I feel so overwhelmed by all the things I need to get done, or the things I want to get done, that I feel I don't have a lot of time for anything extra.

I'm not sure when ROX started feeling like extra, because I love serving God in this way. However, I need to be careful not to volunteer to do anything more than I can handle.

This morning, at our meeting, I found myself volunteering, again. Sure, I can make the bookmarks with the verse on them. Sure I can write that skit, and I thought... When?

So, now, while Sage is napping, I got the bookmarks done and will begin on the skit. And hopefully God will multiply my time so I can get everything else done, too.


Heather M. said...

Hugs, Leigh. That's a hard place to be in. I wish I had some wise advice but I'm often in the same position. HUGS!

Cindy said...

Hang in there Leigh! This shoud be a piece of cake for you...aren't you wonder woman? :0