Saturday, October 27, 2007


It’s been a fairly large focus for me this fall.

How do we spend our time? Within our family? As a family?
How do I spend my time? What’s important to me?

For us, fall has included taking both boys to school everyday. Picking them up for lunch and taking Austin back to school after lunch. (Except on Tuesdays when he has voluntary choir and eats at school.) Then we go and pick him up after school.

On Mondays, we have skating lessons after an early supper.
On Tuesdays, Jonah, Sage & I go to Stay & Play in the afternoon, from 2 to 3:30pm.
On Wednesdays, Sage & I go to Bible Study in the morning at church.
On Thursdays, we drop Austin off at piano lessons at 8:30am, take Jonah to school, go back for the rest of Austin’s lesson and then take him to school. Sage & I have been going to Shake, Rattle & Roll, which is now done, and playgroup will start every second week. And we have skating lessons after school.
Fridays are our free day, but might included coffee with a friend or running errands.

Add to this the job of taking care of a home (tidying up, laundry, etc.), meetings for R.O.X., helping Austin with spelling & dictée homework and practicing piano, devotions together in the evenings, connecting with friends and wanting to pursue my hobbies and interests …

I want to be productive and for my kids to be exposed to different activities that will be good for them, but I don’t want to be crazy busy.

So lately, it’s been about finding a balance that works for us.

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Heather said...

It's so hard to find the balance. I pray that God will lead you in the every day stuff.