Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My trip to Congo, day 7

Our seventh day in Congo was a Sunday. We went to Edgard's church.

We got there at 10am, but they'd been singing since 9am. After we got there, the worship singing stopped and their choirs sang. They had a youth choir, a ladies' choir, and a men's choir, who all sang several times. All of the songs were in Kicongo, so we couldn't understand any of it.

For the offering, the women formed a line and did a dance step all the way to the back of the church and then up to the front to put their money in the basket. They were all smiling and just seemed thrilled to have me join in-- what a hoot!

I presented a soccer ball to their Sunday school program from our Sunday school program, which was cool.

I fell in love with this door at BTEDE. They certainly love colour in Congo.

There was a lunch for us at church and then we went back to BTEDE and met with the team there. For supper, we told the team that we'd take them out for supper. When Edgard was dropping us off, he asked me what I'd like for supper. "French fries!" I told him. He said they didn't have fries in Kikwit and I said that was fine. I'd wait for Kinshasa.

But when he came to pick us up for supper, he told me that he'd found fries for me. I was hesitant to believe him because he's a bit of a tease, but sure enough, we went to sit at an outisde cafe by the river and nearby, they ordered some fries.

He'd asked me what I wanted to put on my fries. "Ketchup?" No, no ketchup. "Gravy?" No, no gravy. "Okay, what could I put on my fries, Edgard?" "Chicken?" he said. Sure, I could put chicken on my fries! LOL!

Here's a picture of my meal:

Edgard also had fries but didn't like them, so I offered to trade him my chicken for his fries. He jumped at the offer! (By the way, the red stuff isn't ketchup, it's that hot, hot sauce the Congolese like. The white sauce was mayo, which was perfect on these fries!)

Here are Dado and Brigitte. They are such lovely women!

Some of the views from where we sat:

And a picture of Konrad, me, Getrude (the wife of Jean-Paul, who works for BTEDE), Dennis and Len.

Thanks for looking!

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Anonymous said...

everytime I read another day of the Congo, I'm in awe of your experience. I can't wait to hear about you and how you felt being there and now being back in Canada.