Monday, October 16, 2006

Ali's Challenges

Ali Edwards has started an ezine newsletter in which she offers challenges each week.

The first challenge was to make a mini-album of your five favourite things right now. Instead of a mini book, I made a 12x12 layout:

favourite five

The second challenge was to document a month in the life of everyone in your household. Here's the layout I did for that one:

this month...

The third layout challenged us to explore our photographic process. Here's the layout I made for that one:


I wanted to post the images here of the layout, but blogger seemed to be having a bit of trouble this morning, sorry.

I've been enjoying these challenges-- especially as I'd like my kids to get an idea of what I was like while they were growing up-- not only as a mom but also as a person.


Crystal said...

I love these LOs, Leigh!! Such awesome records - your kids will love looking at these as they get older.

Heather M. said...

Totally LOVE those layouts! So good to see your work again!