Friday, January 19, 2007

A good story

I love a good story. Whether it’s a television show, a novel or a movie, I love it when I can totally get into a story to the point where I forget everything else that’s going on. Or where, when the end of the novel (or show, or movie) comes, I’m sad to say good-bye. Or where I get so totally caught up that I laugh out loud or cry.

I took Austin & Jonah to go see Charlotte’s Web a couple of weeks ago at the movie theatre in Winkler.

And even though I knew the ending, I cried. With tears rolling down my cheeks. I had to get a grip so I wouldn’t start sobbing.

And then the best part: Austin was sitting two seats down from me and when Charlotte was “languishing”, he looked at me, and it was like looking at a mirror. He had the exact same expression on his face and tears in his eyes. I loved seeing him get as involved in the movie and that it touched him. It was a wonderful moment.


anita said...

great picture! love that you took it outside the theatre!

Linda said...

Wasn't that a wonderful movie?

I loved the web spinning. WOW.

And of course, the tearjerker ending.