Sunday, August 26, 2007

Corn & Apple Festival story #4

Okay, not another story. Some highlights & favourite pictures from our weekend at the Corn & Apple Festival.

On Friday, we went in the afternoon & checked out the booths first. Austin always likes to take a turn in the Bison driving simulator. I love this picture, because Sage has become such a little poser lately, smiling so nicely for the camera. Love it!

Here's a cute one of Sage at the petting zoo. See what I mean? She poses so nicely.

Cameron went to drive the shuttle bus

and I took the kids on some rides. You'd think from these photos that putting Sage on the Dragon Wagon was a bad idea, but she really enjoyed herself. Really.

We saw my niece (Heidi) & nephew (Luke) at Luke's farmer's market booth. (Jonah isn't as good of poser as his sister-- LOL!)

At the petting zoo on Saturday afternoon, on the pony rides.

We met up with Austin's best friend, Soren, and they went on the rides together. This is on the Sizzler

and the tea cups (love this one!)

and the pirate ship.

Sage loved the merry-go-round just as much as she did at Tinkertown.

And two tired little boys at about 5:15 Sunday afternoon, just about ready to go home.


marcy said...

Okay... I just LOVE Sage's expression on the rides! Priceless!

anita said...

great pics! I better post some of mine!

Heather M. said...

Wow, you got some AWESOME photos, Leigh!!! Looks like a great time!