Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween & other stuff

Well, all in all, we had a good Halloween.

The day started off with the return of the cheetah.
Well, a cheetah with a twist. Jonah added a black cape and called himself Super Cheetah. I asked if he wanted me to make him more of a costume, so he'd have more fur and he said: "Mom, my fur is under my clothes!" LOL.

Then, Sage & I went for coffee at my friend, Val's house (well, she had milk and I had hot chocolate ;) ) to celebrate Anita's birthday. Just a nice morning spent visiting with friends (one of my favourite kinds!)

After lunch, we took Austin back to school and stayed for their costume parade.
(Austin is the handsome ninja in the middle.)
Sage was a mouse (and wanted me to address her as "Mousie.") She wore the costume that my mom made and that I wore when I was four. Love that!
Then, yesterday afternoon, I got an email from Scenic Route saying that they chose one of my layouts (again!) for their monthly contest. This time, for my prize, I picked some "goodies from their Roxbury line."

The October challenge was to create a layout with their Sumner line. I submitted three layouts and they chose this one:

And the kids wanted me to dress up this year to go trick or treating, so I picked a queen. Then, just for fun, I added some funky make-up and said that I was a Narnia warrior queen (but not a bad one!)


Marcy said...

You totally did rock that eye makeup!

Heather said...

Well that is so cute that Sage wore your costume when you were young.

WOW your on a roll with the Scenic Route stuff. WAHOO!!! I have to get my act together this month.

LOL on the return of the Cheetah!!

Heather M. said...

Great costumes!!!!
Congrats on the layout! It's GORGEOUS!