Monday, February 18, 2008

Project 366, week 7

Here are my photos-of-the-day for the past week:

Tuesday, February 12: We went for family portraits at Kristel Bueckert's studio. We have never gone for studio portraits as a family of five. Or even as a family of four. We have one photo of Cameron, Austin and I taken at Sears almost 8 years ago. So I thought it was time. This was a picture taken after the photo session at the DQ in Winkler, where the kids got ice cream cones for being good for the pictures. (Well, they weren't really that great there, but it's what I kept saying to bribe them to cooperate. ;) )

Wednesday, February 13: It was Festival du Voyageur day at Austin and Jonah's school. Sage and I went to volunteer and we had a great time. I loved seeing Austin be so affectionate with Sage! (I changed the photo to black and white because Austin's red pants, yellow shirt combined with Sage's pink & brown top was hurting my eyes!)

Thursday, February 14: my three valentines. :)

Friday, February 15: Sage & I volunteered in Jonah's class. His and the grade two class brought coloured ice to school to make an ice sculpture. Jonah's teacher suggested making a heart. I took a picture of both classes with the heart and then, when they were going inside, quickly took one of Sage and Jonah.

Saturday, February 16: I took a break from scrapbooking for the online crop to go outside and build a snowman with the kids.

Sunday, February 17: Love, love, love this shot!

Monday, February 18: Louis Riel Day here in Manitoba, so the kids were all home from school. I moved my latest project (to be posted here soon) to the dining room table to work in the sunlight (so nice and warm!) While I created, Sage did some creating of her own with crayons and a colouring book.

So, which photo is your favourite?


tammy said...

Love all the pictures! The colored ice looks cool in a heart.

Laurence said...

really love them all! Love the boy's "natural" smile lol, my petite DD has the same !

Leah said...

Their all great pics, but my favorite would be the second last one. I love how the focused and unfocused
look together. Awesome!

Anne said...

Way to keep up with the photo a day.
Love the one of Jonah and Sage.