Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Project 366, week 25

Here are my photos of the day for the last week:

Tuesday, June 17th: Sage loves walking around my garden and asking: "What's this flower called?" So we decided to take pictures of all of the flowers in my garden and make a mini-book with their names. This is a columbine (one of my favourites!)

Wednesday, June 18th: My wonderful friend, Val, won a pedicure for her and a friend at our women's retreat this past winter and invited me to go with her to get our feet done. Such pampering. And free flip-flops, too! ;)

Thursday, June 19th: We had our garage sale. Finally. We'd tried twice before, but it had rained. So I set Jonah and Sage up with a table to sell cookies and iced tea and told them they could keep the money they earned.

I was so impressed with all of the work they did. Especially Sage. She was such a great helper.

Friday, June 20th: We went to Floral Scents in town to pick up Webkinz for Jonah and Sage. They bought them with the money they'd been saving from their allowance and the money they made on Thursday at our garage sale. I'm so proud of them.

Jonah picked out a rhino and named him Rhiny the Rhino.

When Sage heard this, she said: "I'm going to name mine Kitty the Carla."

I said: "I think you mean Carla the Kitty."

Sage: "No, I mean Kitty the Carla."

My mom was with us and heard Sage, so she said: "You mean Carla the Kitty."

Sage: "No, I mean Kitty the Carla!!"

So, Kitty the Carla it is. :)

Saturday, June 21st: After supper, at the park.

Sunday, June 22nd: At the park again, for our Sunday School wind-up. Love the expression on Austin's face and the two kids in the background (they'd been tossing around water balloons.)

Monday, June 23rd: Jonah, up to bat.

Thanks for looking!


Eva said...

Kitty the Carla...hee hee..too cute! :)

Heather M. said...

Ooooh, love your photos! The mini-album with the flowers is such a great idea, Leigh! We love Columbine too! :)
SO awesome that you are doing this photo-a-day and sharing it on your blog! I love seeing your photos each week!

Liz said...

Grayson and Morgan just got their first webkinz too... Morgan got the mini Unicorn (Princess) and Grayson got a Pug (Riley). Love your pic of the columbine, and your baseball shot is fantastic!

Anne said...

Love the toes!!
Great pictures Leigh, love the flower one.

Leah said...

Oh love your pretty toes! Sometimes it's nice to be pampered!