Monday, August 04, 2008

So proud of this little girl...

On Sunday, July 20th, we took Sage to the park to take off her training wheels.

She'd been riding her bike with training wheels really well but would still have trouble with some curbs and slanted driveways. I knew if we could take the trainning wheels off, they she'd be good.

Well, it went okay at the park, on the grass. But on the road didn't go so well.

For the next few days, I took her out to practise. We'd practise in the church parking lot close to our house. And then we'd take short trips, with her riding and me walking.

She didn't like it at all. She'd cry, say it was too hard and ask me to put the training wheels back on. She said she'd try again when she was four (in two months.)

Cameron was going to put them back on, but I asked him not to. I didn't want her to give up.

So, we prayed, asking Jesus to help her. And with helmet, elbow and knee pads in place, we kept working on it.

By the following Saturday, I was able to ride my bike with her. She still needed some help with "starting her engine" as she called getting going, but other than that, she did so well!

Now, a week later, she's amazing! She rides so well. And is so pleased with herself, too.

I'm so proud of her for trying her best and not giving up!


Heather M. said...

YAY Sage! That is wonderful! And I can't believe you already have it scrapped, Leigh! You are my hero!

Suzy West said...

YAGE SAGE!!! Congratulations!!
Great page mom!