Thursday, September 10, 2009

09.09.09 -- a day in the life

(I was inspired by some Danielles to create this post. Danielle Calhoun has been making some day in the life posts on her blog lately, which I think is a super idea. And then Danielle Flanders posted the challenge at Label Tulip to take pictures on 09.09.09 and create a layout with them. So the pictures are taken.... Here's my 09.09.09 -- layout to follow.)

7:07am -- Wake up, get dressed and eat breakfast.

7:37am-- The kids wake up and start to get ready for the day. Eat cereal for breakfast.

8:14am -- Put the finished touches on the gift for Austin's teacher.

8:20am -- Pose on the front steps for the first day of school.

8:24am -- Ride our bikes to the middle school.

8:30am -- Arrive on time to meet with Austin's teacher, Mlle Lisowski.

9:03am -- Walk around the middle school for a little bit to check out the gym, music room & library.

9:15am-- Bike home to pick up the bike trailer.

9:23am-- Bike to Coop to pick up groceries.

10:15am -- Bike home and unpack groceries.

10:37am-- Work on a card for Jonah's teacher.

11:37am -- Make lunches for Cameron & the kids.

11:57am -- Leave to attend a Morden Sports & Leisure Alliance lunch meeting at the Rec Centre.

12:40pm -- Come home. Bike with Jonah to school to meet his teacher, Mme. Zwiep.

1:06pm -- Stop by the kindergarten classroom to say "hi" to Mme. Routhier.

1:14pm -- Come home from dropping off Jonah at school. Send Austin to check the mail.

1:17pm -- Open some scrappy mail I got from my friend, Danielle.

1:28pm -- Work on some tags to attach to bags of Cracker Jack Popcorn for the teachers at Jonah's & Sage's school.

2:40pm -- Bike back to Jonah's school to meet with his teacher.

3:23pm -- Bike home with Jonah.

3:29 pm -- Work on one of the pillows I'm making for my bedroom.

5:02pm -- Cameron gets home from driving school bus. I start supper (soup & grilled cheese sandwiches.)

5:11pm -- Eat supper. Clean up and do the dishes. Get the kids ready for soccer and tae kwon do.

6:20pm -- Put Austin's and my bikes in the back to Cameron's truck and drive to soccer game. Watch the game for a bit.

6:50pm -- Bike with Austin to the Maple Leaf School.

7:10pm -- Tae kwon do.

8:40pm -- Bike home with Austin and send him off to bed. Say goodnight to Sage. Talk with Cameron a bit. Phone R.O.X. volunteers about our orientation Friday night.

9:15pm -- Watch Alias on DVD and work on hand-sewing the binding on my quilt.

10:37pm -- Brush my teeth and put on my jammies.

10:43pm -- Go to bed.


Diana said...

wow, that's a busy day!
You were so good about getting all the pictures too!

Kim said...

Hi Leigh!
I am in Wpg, but i visit My Scrap Shoppe it!
Your blog is very inspiring and this is the first time I've left you a comment...b/c this post is just AWESOME! i love how you documented a regular day in your life and even had the time to take photos throughout! I have a very hectic life / family too and this would totally be something fun to try...just once in a while! (wink)
good luck to a new busy season of life!!

Anne Krashel said...

Wow girl, you are busy!
That is a beautiful quilt. Are sewing on all those hundreds of leaves by hand?? amazing girl!