Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's so quiet....

It's taking me a while to get use to the quiet in the afternoons. Probably because I've been busy working most days. But for now, I have no subbing jobs booked until the 11th of February (but I am hoping to pick up a few more before I leave for the Congo.)

But on the days when I do stay home, it's strange not having any kids at home in the afternoon. Is it crazy that I miss them? How am I going to survive 11 days without them next month??

Here's a layout of my oldest and his friends, taken at his 10th birthday party last May, scrapped two weekends ago at the PVBC crop.

Thanks for looking!

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Liz Goldhawk said...

LOVE the pictures and I really like the design and products you used too... quiet afternoons to yourself are hard to get used to. Mine seem to fill up quickly enough with errands, chores and exercise.