Tuesday, May 25, 2010

7 things

....that I did on the long weekend.

1. My friend, Beth, asked me to come to her church and photograph the women from her College and Career group. They were having a formal "mystery supper" and Beth thought photos of the girls in their grad/bridesmaid dresses would be fun. I also helped serve the meal and got to eat as well.

2. We went to Kids Zone, which is put on by the Winkler Bible Camp. The kids enjoy 1.5 hours there and I enjoy going for a walk/garage saling with Beth.

3. The Canadian Fossil Dsicovery Centre had the Official Launch of the 2010 Fossil Dig Season on Saturday. Only kids 8 and older were allowed to go to the site and dig, so Jonah & Sage stayed back at the museum while Austin and I rode with Cameron (who was driving the shuttle bus back and forth) to the site. We dug for over an hour but unfortunately didn't find any fossils. I did, however, come home with a pocket full of Pembina Valley diamonds...

4. Because of the rain, we watched a couple of movies: Hotel for Dogs and The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.

5. Cameron took the kids fishing on Sunday afternoon. I tagged along and read a book on the beach. Jonah caught his first fish-- very exciting! Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera along, so we took pictures in the backyard when we got home.

6. I spent a good part of Monday cleaning out our summerhouse/sunroom. The storage area at the back of our house. We can now move our bikes in and out with greater ease.

7. And, again, because of the poor weather, I was able to squeeze in some scrapbooking. I made four layouts with the upcoming MSS June kit. And I made this layout for Marcy's Wednesday Challenge at MSS -- using a one word title, and using a sketch on the Pink Paislee blog .

Thanks for looking!

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