Thursday, June 10, 2010

Something new

I love opportunities to try something new.... especially something creative.

I've been subbing lots at the high school lately and this week there was an announcement that whoever wanted to try their hand at pottery could come down at lunch on Thursday.

So, this morning, I stopped by the art room and asked the teacher if I, too, could come.

She said, sure, but students would go first.

Well, I ate my lunch and arrived just in time to get some instructions. There were five wheels and four students waiting for a turn. Ms. Rigaux said that I could have the fifth wheel.

What an experience. Totally fun and tactile and messy and new. I was such a beginner it wasn't even funny, but a couple of the students and one of the artists there helped me out and in the end, I made a small bowl.

But no photos. :(

I had taken my old camera along but had gotten so caught up in the process that I didn't take any photos. Which is okay.

Because I'll always have the bowl to remember it by. :)

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