Friday, July 16, 2010

By the numbers....

In the past week:

5 days of swimming lessons

30 or less photos taken

10 dogs walked at the Humaine Society

4 layouts created (here are two of them)

6 get togethers with friends

1 request for publication for one of my layouts (for Scrapbook Trends December)

1 trip to the local Farmer's Market

2 tae kwon do classes

1 game of ultimate frisbee

2 movies nights

6 bike rides

7 happy summer days


Renee Lamb said...

Don't you love how full the days seem to be? And how it seems each day they just get fuller? LOL - loving the layouts! Makes me hope that I will see get to see my scrap desk this weekend!

ashjoy said...

Great post! Love that your family volunteer to walk the dogs, that is so nice to hear.

Sherry said...

Love your recap of the week. Adorable layouts!