Sunday, August 15, 2010

By the numbers....

In the past week:

20+ hours traveling in Cameron's truck to Minneapolis and back

12+ rides on which I rode at Nickelodean Universe

867 photos uploaded to my computer since Jonah's birthday party last week

3 scrapbook stores visited (& made purchases at)

7 rounds of the alphabet game while we travelled (Cam usually won)

4 hours of me driving (a standard one-ton diesel dually- not very much fun)

2 trips to IKEA

20 species of animals viewed at the Como Zoo

2 trips to Target

2 layouts requested for publication

6 times crossing the US/Canadian border

And.... I turned 38 years old

Thanks for looking!


Michelle said...

Oh how cool!!! I hope you enjoyed your trip down here!!! I was just at Como Zoo the other day for about the 20th time since spring. I make a million trips a year to IKEA/MOA. My kids love hanging out there (and so do I...I {heart} IKEA and Archiver's)!!! Happiest of birthday wishes!!!

Kim said...

...sounds like you've been having a fun and busy summer Leigh!!

Happy Birthday!!


ellen s. said...

that post was so fun! busy is good, though, right? :)

congrats on the pubs ;)
i can't wait to see all those fab photos!

Crystal said...

You have been busy! Happy, Happy Birthday to you. May God's goodness fill your heart with thanks and joy every day!

Anita said...

hope you had a great bday and super trip! :)

Anne Krashel said...

What a great birthday, and trip!