Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My secret Santa gift

For the past few years, with Cameron's sister's family, we've been choosing names to exchange gifts for each other and calling it a Secret Santa. We have a few rules we follow...

The gift can be:
1. under $6
2. regifted
3. homemade
4. second hand
5. a "time spent with" gift

This year, I got Jonah. And as soon as I read his name, I knew exactly what I would make for him.

Last year, I made Sage a quilt for Christmas. After she'd opened it, Jonah was looking around under the tree. When I asked him what he was looking for, he said: "Where's mine?"

"Where's your what?"

"Where's my quilt?"

"You want me to make you a quilt?"


So, we went shopping at a few fabric stores to find some fabric to make his quilt. And I cut out the squares.... but that's as far as I got.

So, in November & December, I've been working away on Jonah's quilt in my basement, the whole while keeping it a secret from everyone else (this was trickier than it sounds!) And, a few days before Christmas, I got it done:

It's a twin size quilt. And here's how I made the back:

Jonah was quite happy when he got it (he'd been a little worried he'd been missed, as he didn't get it until later in the exchange!)

Now to find some time to work on one for Austin....

Thanks for looking!


Deb said...

Leigh!!!! This is so fabulous! I absolutely love those colors and the sweet smile on Jonah's face...precious! I would love one of these under my Christmas tree. He-he.

Joyce said...

Oh, Leigh. How cozy and wonderful. What a labor of love. He will have this quilt forever. I love the colors you used. Vivid and boyish.

Lee said...

What a lovely gift. Jonah really looks happy with his gorgeous quilt.

Elena said...

wow! I'm so in awe - and he looks so happy! What a great gift :)

Anita Rex said...

Leigh this is a beautiful quilt! I love the colors and fabrics! :> I love handmade gifts and he looks so happy wrapped up in it! It was fabulous meeting you today at Scrapbook Cottage! I really enjoyed our convo!!!!!