Friday, June 19, 2015

Five for Friday

Things seem to be winding up here with school & everything.
After today, we only have 7 days left of school -- yes, that's right.
We go right until June 30th.

1. Last Friday, Jonah & Sage's school had their annual family BBQ at lunchtime.
This year, they tried something a little different... they set up bleachers & 
had  the choirs & bands perform outside while we ate.

Jonah plays in the Grade 7 Band.

Sage sang with the Grade 5/6 Noon Choir.

And Jonah sang with his Jazz Choir.
I had been working at the high school that day, 
so it was really a lovely way to spend my lunch hour!

2. That evening, Jonah took me out for supper at A&W
and then to see Jurassic World, which was so good!

Such a fun date -- it was his Mother's Day gift to me. :)

3. So, I have to admit that I've been struggling with the no-sugar, no deep-fried foods.
It's so hard!
I'm down 5 lbs, but I would still like to lose at least another 10 more.
I need to try harder....

4. We attended my husband's annual Bus Driver BBQ on Tuesday
(see, lots of opportunities for eating!)
I mostly had salads -- there were lots of lovely ones to choose from!
And I didn't have any dessert. ;)

5. One of the bus drivers was retiring, so Cameron asked me to make a card for him.
Here's what I made:

Five for Friday Leigh Penner @leigh148 #cards

I used my PTI Scene It dies, along with my Petite Places: School stamps & dies.
I didn't have a school bus in my stamp collection (shocking, I know!)
so I found this one online and printed it out.

I also don't have any retirement stamps, so I printed out my sentiment as well.

Thanks for looking!


Lynn said...

This time of year seems so hard to take weight off with all the cook outs, etc. Keep will get there!

Love all the pics from end of year and the fabulous retirement card!

Lisa Lara said...

Proud Mom and adorable card Leigh.

Diana K said...

So much to love in this post, Leigh! Cute retirement card (l heart your Canadian flag). And your Mother's Day treat from Jonah is too sweet (his favourite restaurant, I assume heeheehee).

cm said...

Another fabulous post, Leigh! The end-of-the-year school activities look like fun; I can only imagine how excited your kids are for June 30th. The dinner-and-movie date with your son sounds fabulous; I want to see Jurassic World but I'll wait until it's out on DVD (I'm not a theatre fan...). The retirement card: awesome! I know it was a hit!! Off to catch up on missed posts...working 'backwards' (in more ways that one *grin*) this time!

Audrey Pettit said...

Looks like such fun activities! You guys sure go late in your school year! LOVE that card! Such an adorable design. Love the window view of the school yard. I would never have known that little bus wasn't a stamp. Great job!!

!neke said...

Great post !
Great card !
Great pictures !!!

Ruth said...

Happy Friday and enjoy those last days of school - over in England they go right up until the middle of July! I love your card, it is just perfect. So glad you enjoyed the film. Am hoping to get next week :) xx

Kay Miller said...

Always so fun Leigh to see all your pictures for the week! I can't wait to see the new Jurassic World too! How sweet that it was your mother's day gift :) Your card is SO cute!!

I Card Everyone said...

Oh the end is very near now, Leigh... then a little break! Tell Jonah I played the cello when I was his age... not well, but I did try. What a fun day you must have had at this lunch... and Cameron's too.. I think that retiree must have really appreciated your card - so cute!
I will be trying to sell a few cards this weekend at a local craft fair... wish me luck!!!
=] Michele

Joyce said...

Love that card with the mini school bus. It is sized just right. I made a card for our bus driver, and had to use the bigger school bus from Boy Basics. Hang in there with the weight loss. It will happen, just give yourself time. Loved seeing pictures of the kids, as usual. Here's to summer just around the corner.

Karen M said...

Your card is totally adorable Leigh and I love the cute little scene that you have created:) xx

Kara said...

such a cute little card scene!

Megan Carroll said...

Love hearing about your week!! Cute card too!

Monika/Buzsy said...

Super cute. Love the scene in the circle.

Nora Noll said...

I need to get this stamp set. I work at a school and this could be used A LOT. LOVE the colors and the adorable scene you created on this. Thanks for sharing all the photos too. I love to hear about other people's lives.