Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Sage's Birthday Party

This past Saturday, Sage turned 11.
To celebrate, we invited a few of her friends over for an art party.

Now, we'd already been thinking of an art party for her next birthday last year.
So, when Betsy Veldman's Masterpiece kit came out,
we had to get it -- it was exactly what we needed!
We used the stamps/dies to create the invitations
(which I forgot to photograph before we delivered-- oops!)
and the treat bags.

We had the dining room table set up with butcher paper
and canvases before the girls arrived:

Their first activity was painting canvases with acrylic paint.

Sage and I had created place cards for the guests using the Masterpiece kit
-- and those sweet easel dies!

I printed the names on the computer, trimmed the cardstock to 2" square
and stamped a butterfly from the Masterpiece kit on each one.
This is the canvas Sage painted -- it will go perfectly in her room!

The girls got to hang out for a bit -- I think they created Miis for themselves on our Wii U.

Our next activity was painting on watercolour paper with watercolours.
After we cleaned up from that, it was time for our snack, which I set up on our piano.

I added a couple of the watercolour pictures Sage & Clara had painted.

Using the same idea as the placecards, we created frames on easels for the food.
For the cupcake toppers, Sage and I diecut the printed easels from the Masterpiece kit.

I think the girls would be super disappointed if I didn't serve Butter Crunch at 
Sage's party -- it's definitely a favourite!

Thanks for looking!


Ruth said...

Super crafty Mom! Love this idea and they look like proper little artists. Who knows what's next for them! Xx

Celeste Goff said...

Looks like a fun party! Happy belated birthday to Sage!

!neke said...

Looks great !

Ineke x

alexandra s.m. said...

I love your decorations and theme here Leigh.
I bet the party was fabulous!
Thanks for sharing~

Miriam Prantner said...

What a wonderful party! looks like they had a great time!

Lindsey said...

How fun! I love your chalkboard art and all the crafty details.

Kay Miller said...

Awww that looks like so much fun! Wish I could have come! :) Such a cute group of little girls and all of the activities look so creative and fun! I'll bet that had a ball!

Lisa Elton said...

Thanks for sharing Leigh!! It looks like the girls had fun! All of the artwork you and Sage prepared looked fabulous. Fabulous artwork by the girls too!

I Card Everyone said...

Such a fun day! Every little detail is so charming, Leigh & Sage! You two should start a Paper Party planning business!! I'm betting Sage would have her friend's Moms lining up!
=] Michele

Deepti said...

Such a fun party! I am sure Sage and her friends must have enjoyed a lot :) Happt belated birthday to Sage :)

Kathy Mc said...

What an awesome theme and looks like the girls had a great time, Leigh! So glad Sage is interested in crafting like her Mom.

Audrey Pettit said...

Aww, what an amazing birthday party! Looks like such an awesome time!

victoria h said...

Wow- beautiful decorations and works of art. You know how to throw a party.

Vickie Z said...

Looks like a wonderful party!! You did good mom!!

cm said...

Awesome party, you two! What a great opportunity for the girls to bond through a wonderfully creative activity! I'm sure they were so proud to take home their works of art! Your decor, especially with the easels, is not only lovely, but so inviting and welcoming! Delicious snacks, a chance to interact with friends, opportunities to express creativity: sounds like a magical birthday party to me!