Sunday, June 04, 2006

Good week

We've had a busy, but good week this week.

Most of the week was spent getting ready for the garage sale that my friend, Susan, and I had at her house on Thursday and Friday. Got rid of some baby stuff (yup, we're done!) and it felt great just to purge some stuff we don't need out of our house!

Yesterday morning, I walked 5 km in Winkler for the Crisis Pregnancy Centre walk-- my first "walk"! I walked with my friend, Lorie, who had injured her foot, so I told her that she could set the pace. Ha! She totally was cruising-- I had to work hard to keep up! But we got a good time: 51 minutes. (Or, at least, I thought it was good! We beat the two 9 year old girls behind us, so we were happy!)

In the afternoon, we walked to Austin's friend's house and the kids went swimming. On the way home, Sage was determined to pull the wagon (as usual!) However, when Austin and Niko climbed in, she kept on pulling it! She amazes me, that baby girl of mine!

So today, we had church, lunch at home and I scrapbooked while Sage and Cameron napped. In a little while, we'll walk to Warky's to meet some friends for supper.

Hope you're having a great weekend!


Heather said...

LOL with Sage pulling the boys. Kendra just needs to be a bit older and I can see her doing this too.

Glad to hear that the walk went well and awesome of you to do that.

Heather M. said...

Love the new banner! Congrats on the walk - I bet it felt great! So what was the final garage sale total?! I bet it felt SO good to get rid of all that stuff! I wish we had done the same before moving!