Sunday, June 11, 2006

R.O.X. is winding up

Well, our Sunday school program, ROX (which stands for Radical over Christ) is winding up for the year. I can't even tell you how much I enjoy being a creative communicator (aka large group teacher) there. It is such a rush. I love teaching the kids about God and how they can have a friendship with Jesus.

This morning, we did a bit of a review and asked the kids to talk about something that has stood out to them in the past 10 weeks of lessons. There were so many kids who raised their hands and shared about how they're trying to forgive, or turning off the tv or video games to spend time with their siblings, or living Jesus' way. It was really cool.

A couple of kids shared how they asked Jesus to be their forever friend, which was so cool. A grade six girl shared how she told her friend about Jesus and how they prayed together to ask Jesus to be her forever friend. It was so encouraging to hear. It's so overwhelming to think of how God uses me to teach these little ones about Him.

Definitely a highlight of my week. And of my life.


Heather M. said...

That is SO awesome!!!

Heather said...

Awesome that God is working through you for the kids. We use the term, "Let Jesus be the boss of your life". Awesome to here so many coming to Christ.