Wednesday, January 17, 2007


would have been my dad's 71st birthday.

But instead, we lost him 6 1/2 years ago to a battle with cancer.

My dad was such a great man. Quiet. Respectful. An english gentleman.

He was funny. Witty, I guess. He loved a good pun. (An aside, I think I got most of my high school english teacher's jokes because he had the same sense of humour as my dad. So I would be laughing, while the rest of the class would be confused. They probably thought I was sucking up, but I wasn't. I just thought he was funny.)

My dad loved to golf. When he retired, he spent a lot of his time golfing. And going on winter trips with my mom so they could golf.

In this picture, he's holding Austin when Austin was a day old. He was so proud to be a grandfather. He passed away just over a week before Austin's first birthday.

It makes me sad that my dad has missed so much of Austin's life. And that he never met Jonah or Sage or Noah (Trevor's son.) It's really too bad, because he was a great grandad.

It seems crazy to me that I can still miss him so much after almost seven years.

But I do.


anita said...

So sorry you lost him so early. Hope thinking of him today brings a smile to your face. I'm sure he's smiling at you too.

Linda said...

When you love someone deeply, you can never forget...they will always be a part of you.

Your father must have been a remarkable man to have produced a daughter like you.

Thank you for sharing your memories and this wonderful photo with us, Leigh. ((((hugs))))

Crystal said...

Just want to send ((( hugs ))) today, Leigh! He would have loved every minute with your beautiful kids.