Saturday, February 17, 2007

Le Festival du Voyageur

Austin's class went on a field trip to le festival du Voyageur yesterday. And of course, I volunteered to go along.

I love going along on his field trips. He has such a great class that I really enjoy connecting with. And I love watching him interact with his friends and take everything in.

I especially enjoyed going to the Festival du Voyageur park in old St. Boniface yesterday. It totally brought back memories of going there on field trips with my school as a kid. And now, Austin's doing the same thing. Kind of a neat thing to connect on.

When we got there, we walked around and looked at the ice sculptures which were amazing.

Then we went to the toboggan run where the kids got to slide down the hill on innertubes.

After that, we had lunch (we brown bagged it!) Then heard an outdoor presentation about transportation in the time of the voyageurs. This was followed by a horse drawn sleigh ride.
Then, the kids enjoyed playing on a large snowhill with a pole with ropes attached to it sticking out of it.
Then we stopped at the Cabane a Sucre (the sugar shack) and saw them make taffy by pouring warm maple syrup on snow and rolling it up on a popsicle stick. This was followed by a presentation of an aboriginal legend of the creation of Lake Manitoba and a craft. After another stop at the washroom, the kids loaded back on to the bus for the ride home to Morden.


Eva said...

That ice sculpture is amazing! Sounds like fun!

Heather M. said...

Sounds like an AWESOME field trip! So glad you get to do things like this - I bet it means a lot to Austin!

Linda said...

Wow! That's incredible. It sounded like a terrific field trip.

There is a famous annual snow festival in Japan where they display huge ice sculptures like this. I've always wanted to travel there but can't imagine the freezing cold.

I'm a transplanted Hawaiian girl who thinks Southern California weather is cold! LOL!

Crystal said...

What a cool event! I love that you went with your son - and took your camera. I wish we had a festival like this nearby so I could take my class. Love the ice sculptures!