Tuesday, February 27, 2007


On Saturday, the Winkler police department were sponsoring Spiderman. They'd invited him to come and do a presentation and sign autographs, etc.

We waited until Sage was done her nap and then hurried to the Southland Mall. We caught the tail end of his presentation and then got in line. Jonah had no desire to see Spiderman, so Cameron walked around the mall with him and Sage while I stood in line with Austin.

They were so great about posing for pictures and Austin got a signed card from Spiderman. He was quite thrilled.

I loved what the card said on the back. Good rules to live by. Nice to see a superhero promoting them.

Oh and sootherless, day two: an update. Sage did a little better today. No crying about the soother but she did ask for it about three times. It really takes her quite a long time to fall asleep without it, both at naptime and in the evening. But we're plugging on...

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Heather said...

The things to live by is great.

Oh the soother less days. I should email you too see what you think is the best way to do it.