Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thoughts for Thursday

I can't believe it's already Thursday-- this week is flying by!

(Actually, I can't believe it's the end of the month-- where did May go?!)

Today, I'm trying to get things done around the house... laundry, washing my floors (that was long overdue), making some baby cards for two women at church who had baby girls this week, mailing back my package from a seller on ebay that was suppose to be a Cars Gamecube game and turned out to be some MVP hockey cards, baking... Nothing too exciting, but good to stroke off a list nonetheless. It feels like I've accomplished something anyway.

I'm also getting ready for our 5km run/walk/ride for the Congo for our church this Saturday. It was calling for rain (like we haven't had enough of that!), but when I checked this morning (& two seconds ago-- I'm a little paranoid they're going to change it again), it's forecasting sunny weather and a high of 22 degrees Celsius!! Can you say "perfect weather"? So thankful!

Since we've had such rainy weather lately, Sage talked me into buying her this on Monday:

She can pronounce most words well, but she calls this her Dora "Bawella." So cute!

And I had to share these:

(Do you ever get surprises when you upload your digital pictures to your computer? Yesterday, I found these gems taken by Jonah: they're pictures of the wrench he got for Christmas from his Uncle Chris & Auntie Cheryl!) Too funny!


Eva said...

Love that picture of Sage! Hope the weather holds for your walk!

anita said...

lovin' the wrench pictures! and of course, the one of Sage is a given! Very cute.

Heather M. said...

Those photos are AWESOME!!!!! Great job, Jonah!
I hope the walk went well!!!

Heather said...

Sage is too cute with the "bawella". Love it.

LOL on the wrench pictures. Micah would do that too if he could I'm sure.