Friday, June 15, 2007


Here are some highlights from this past week:

I got a pedicure this morning with my friend, Val. (It was heavenly!)

I took Jonah & Sage to Winnipeg yesterday to see my mom and do a little shopping.

I worked in my garden, laying landscape fabric and putting woodchips over top.

I went to Winkler to MSS and bought some new goodies.

I've been busy making cards to sell at Morden's Heartland and Winkler Bible Book Shop.

I went to a friend's for coffee on Tuesday evening. It was good to connect with her-- it'd been too long!

Austin's played baseball twice this week and has a tournament tomorrow.

We cleaned up a pile of paint from our basement storage room (I know, this is sad that it's a highlight for me, but it just feels so good to get junk out of my house!)

Austin & Jonah have been enjoying their new obsession-- a Nintendo gamecube.

Have a great weekend!

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