Sunday, August 26, 2007

Corn & Apple Festival story #3

It's towards the end of the festival. The kids have gone on rides for a good part of the afternoon. They've eaten the kids combos I bought for them (hotdog, chips & a pop) and a good portion of a bag of cotton candy while sitting at the Chris Rice concert. We were just about to head home, when the Jonah spotted Laurie, the clown on stilts who makes balloon animals.

Now, on Friday, we stood in line for said balloon animals for over half an hour, only to have Jonah's balloon pop once we got home. So, of course, he wanted a replacement.

So, while standing in line, this woman comes up to me and asks if my name is Leah.

I said, it's Leigh.

She said her name was Lori. And I recognized her as one of the managers that I worked for at McDonald's 15 years ago.

I told her I was surprised that she recognized me.

And she said that I look exactly the same!

So I thought, that's pretty good that I still look 19. ;)

(By the way, Jonah's balloon animal popped when we pulled into the driveway-- it didn't even make it through the front door!)


Anne said...

I'm sorry about the 2nd balloon animal but it did make me laugh out loud!

anita said...

those darn balloon animals! we went through the same thing last year!! the boys had swords made...twice!

anita said...

P.S. no balloon animals this year...they never even asked!

Heather M. said...

That's so cool that she recognized you!