Saturday, August 04, 2007

My week

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while.

Here's what I've been up to:

It was Cameron's birthday on Monday, as well as his dad's . We had supper at my FIL's where he lives at Salem in Winkler. Cameron's mom and sister and her family joined us. I made Cam's dad a framed layout of our family and when I gave it to him, Sage pointed out who everyone was to him. So cute!

Played slow-pitch on Monday night with people from our church. I love playing ball! So fun. And such a great way to connect with people from our church family.

On Tuesday, I met my friend Darlene at the church and we picked out music to sing on the worship team on Sunday morning. Then we biked to the doctor's with the kids to check out the infection on Sage's arm and the infection on Austin's toe. Then we had lunch at McDonald's, followed by ice cream at Tasti's, where the kids played until after 2pm. I love days like that with friends where the day just stretches out as we spend time together.

Wednesday thru Friday were somewhat the same during the day. We went to the beach in the morning to hang out with my friend Val whose kids are having swimming lessons. In the afternoon, we'd relax or I'd clean. I've also done quite a bit of reading this past week.

(I'd reserved Sophie Kinsella's newest book in the Shopaholic series from the library and figured that I'd reread the first four books so I'd remember the characters, plot lines, etc. Well, I read all four books in five days! And then the library called yesterday morning to say that the newest book Shopaholic & Baby was in. I picked it up on the way home from the beach and finished it last night at 2 am!! )

On Wednesday evening we took Cameron's new boat (his birthday present) to the beach for a test run (test float?) The kids and I bought it last week and at supper one evening, Austin said: "Dad, we got your present. I'll give you a hint." And despite the fact that Cameron and I told him not to, he said this:

"It's not a boat."


Followed quickly by Jonah and Sage saying: "Yes, it is, Austin. It is a boat."

So much for surprises.

So we took the boat to the beach and had some fun.

Sage liked the idea of the boat much better when she wasn't sitting in it. If she was in it and we moved off the shore, she'd start crying and asking for the parent on the beach.

This morning I went for a run (that's twice this week!) and biked with the kids to the grocery store to pick up some stuff for Jonah's birthday party tomorrow. I spent part of the day baking and icing his cake and making salads, etc. for our barbeque tomorrow. (And I also got a chance to scrapbook a little this afternoon.) I was inspired by a Lisa McGarveyLisa McGarvey layout in the August Scrapbooks Etc.Scrapbooks Etc. and created this layout:

I used:
Bazzill cardstock
Patterned paper: Scenic Route, Bo Bunny, Rhonna Farrer, Magnolia, MOD & Foofala
Buttons: MOD & Stampin' Up!
Chipboard: Scenic Route (title) andI can't remember the swirls. Maya Road. Or maybe Fancy Pants? I adhered pp to the chipboard, cut it out and sanded the edges. On the two largest swirls, I didn't cut right along the chipboard, making my own shape.

Thanks for looking!

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Eva said...

lol! Love Austin's "hint!"