Wednesday, September 12, 2007


This week feels crazy busy.

Now I normally like being a little busy, but this week feels a little overloaded.

Jonah is in school every morning and Austin is all day. So it's out of the house before 9am every morning.

This weekend we're having a volunteer orientation for R.O.X. and we're kicking off Sunday School on Sunday morning. So, I've been getting stuff ready for these two things, which are pretty big in themselves.


Add on top of that that we decided to paint the whole Sunday school area and it's just getting done this week. Which wasn't too bad, because I had two people lined up to help me. But now this evening. one of these people said they wouldn't be helping after all (not creative enough for her and the last minute thing didn't sit well with her either.)

So, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed, trying to prioritize things.

I talked to Anita this evening at soccer and she said someone said to her: "You think you're busy now, wait til you have teenagers!" Why do people say things like that? Is it helpful or encouraging? Not so much. I felt busy with one baby, I feel busy with three kids. Busyness isn't something that can be measured. And it's felt in different ways.

Anyway, I'll just pray that God will send me wisdom in what needs to get done, strength to do ti and peace.


Leah said...

Just to encourage you, I have a teenager and I find that she personally likes to do more for herself now.
Therefore I find your not as busy. Or maybe a different kind of busy. It seems everyone likes to scare the next person with their horror stories when someone is down and overwhelmed. Would be nice if we would just listen and keep our mouths still sometimes! All the best.

anita said...

I'm so proud of you for tackling the painting at church. I know it's been a tough week. I hope you can find some stillness this weekend and in the week to come. take care of DON'T have to do it all. :)

Eva said...

Sounds a little crazy! I know I DON'T do well when things are that busy..hope things slow down for you soon.

valerie said...

oh yeah -- busy, busy, I so totally get that. Some people just don't understand...I'll pray for you, Leigh!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to do what's right for you too.

Heather M. said...

I'm glad you got all the painting done. I hope everything goes well this weekend with the kick-off.
Thinking of you!

Heather said...

I bet that everyone will appreciate your painting efforts. God is smiling that is for sure!!

Just hang in there with the business. New school routines and such makes things extra busy. Hopefully it'll settle down soon.