Saturday, December 27, 2008

So, how was your Christmas?

Well, I can't say that ours was the greatest....Sage, Cameron & I were all sick Christmas Eve night. :(

So, the next day, we skipped our family gathering (we totally did not feel up to it and we didn't want anyone else to get sick.) We managed to make it through opening gifts in the morning. Austin wanted to read the rest of our advent story before opening the gifts AND he wanted to give us our gifts before receiving his own. That was the best Christmas gift I could have gotten! :)

I did manage to take a few pictures and was super happy with this gem:

Our Christmas was quite low-key, but the kids didn't seem to mind at all. They were thrilled about the gifts they received from us, their Uncle Trevor, Tatiana, Noah and Grandma Davies.

Lots of smiles.

We spent the rest of the day just hanging out at home: napping, watching movies...not as planned, but hey, that's life...

By the way, the design team tags are up at the The Inspired Scrapper if you'd like to check mine out and those of my talented teammates. :)

Hope your Christmas was merry & bright!


Jennifer said...

I hope you are all feeling better! Fabulous photos you got!! Happy Holidays!

Audrey Pettit said...

So sorry,Leigh! What a bummer that you all were sick. My daughter had a sinus infection for Christmas and still hasn't knocked it yet. Hope you all recover quickly!

Sasha said...

Your babies are adorable, I hope they get to feeling up to again soon, Happy Holidays


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures of your kiddos - they all look so happy despite being icky.
I really hope for you that you all get better very quick!

Sherry said...

Oh no, your family sounded like mine with the sickness. Hope you guys are feeling better.

Hey go with the I am so blessed layout, I would love to see it!!!

Laina said...

Oh Leigh, so sorry to hear your family was sick over Christmas! That's wasn't suppose to happen! I'm glad you were all able to lay low and just be together!