Friday, June 25, 2010


.... do you think that maybe I need to get some new albums?

This is the basket in my scrap area where I put completed layouts. It is overflowing.
(By the way, the layout on top was made using the MSS July kit, so it's a bit of a sneak peek of the kit. For more sneaks, you can check out .... my post on the MSS blog.)

Do you put your layouts in albums right away? Do you have an overflowing basket like mine? Or are you somewhere in between?


Sherry said...

Currently, I'm caught up! But I have been known to have 3 art bins full of layouts.

JessiW said...

Right now, somewhere in between, but that's just cuz a good friend sent me a bunch of albums she wasn't going to I filled all of them up and now back to making a pile:):)

Leslie Ashe said...

Hi Leigh!!
I'm like you...I have 2 baskets OVERFLOWING with layouts. I need some albums too. I get so lazy when it comes to loading them...bad Leslie!! ;D

lisa truesdell said...

i'm a stacker. eeps. i just put mine away before i started in w/ the july sc kit - though old habits die hard, and i now have a new stack going. ;)

Julie Overby said...

Hi Leigh!!

Oh...I have too many overflowing baskets...shame! Love all your recent layouts.

I'm comin' to your homeland soon!! Wahoo!!!