Sunday, August 28, 2011

Scenes from the C&A 2011, part two

Well, this post almost didn't happen....

We walked uptown this morning for the church service and I didn't bother to bring my camera with me. We came home for lunch and then walked back so Austin & Jonah could go on their dinosaur dig. Sage & I walked around and looked at the craft stuff, then walked home for a drink before returning for the petting zoo. I'd brought my camera, but when I went to take a photo of Sage I realized that I had forgotten to put my recharged batteries into it. Austin & Jonah met us from the dig and wanted a break at home before going on the rides, so we went home. I got my batteries and was able to take some pictures when we walked back to use up the rest of the ride tickets. (Doesn't this sound exhausting? It sure felt it!)

Here are my favourites from the Corn & Apple Festival today:

My three kids waiting in line for the bumper cars.

(I love the spontaneous affection so much!)

Sage got a necklace at one of our friends' craft booths. It's made from a bottle cap.

On the bumper cars:

Isn't this adorable?

Jonah wanted to use his last two tickets to take me on the ferris wheel. Sage joined us. (Austin decided to go on the Zipper with Abdalla again.)

A view of the town from the top, to the west...

... and to the east...

In the very centre of this next photo is Jonah's shadow (which he noticed while on the ride):

And after the rides were all done, we picked up some treats for the (final!) walk home....

Thanks for looking!


Joyce said...

Great pictures. What a fun day you guys had. How nice you could walk back and forth. Of course, the pics of your kids are darling, esp when showing their love. I really like that ferries wheel picture--looks very artistic.

Jeannine said...

You really know how to capture the moment with your camera, wow! You've got some excellent pictures here. How fun will they be to scrap?! :) It looks like such a fun day too!