Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Drinking: a glass of water

Eating: nothing, surprisingly enough. We talked this morning (the kids and I) and decided that we would cut out the night-snacks. This is day one. I brushed my teeth when we got home from tae kwon do. So far, so good.

Reading: The Wall and The Wing by Laura Ruby Austin's suggestion.

Wearing: shorts and a black tee-shirt.

Feeling: Tired. The Corn & Apple Festival and our trip to Wpg. yesterday have plum tuckered me out.

Weather: It was cloudy today and I thought it might rain. We need rain.

Wanting: a good night's sleep, my scrap/stamp goodies that I ordered online to arrive, an evening out.

Needing: new front tires for my van, according to Cameron ;)

Thinking: that I am just about ready for school to start

Enjoying: the peace and quiet of three kids in bed.

What are you currently up to?


Joyce said...

Well, looks like I missed this one. I'm sure you are up to something else by now. I am trying to recover from our trip--laundry, mail, sending you your stamps (!), getting groceries, getting our calendar organized, enjoying being back home in S. Cal.

Sarabeth said...

thanks for this current update, i love it and am going to borrow it :)

of course linking back here!

have a wonderful day!


Elizabeth said...

I think its fun to do this type of update!!!!! We're getting ready for school to start too!!!