Friday, September 28, 2012

Five for Friday

1. I only worked one day this week, which has been nice, because it's given me a bit of time to get some other things of these things being taking down my summer decor and putting out some fall decorations.

I filled the container with an assortment of silk leaves. The pumpkins (LOVE that white one!) and gourds were picked up yesterday after school at our town's farmer's market. I felt like I lived the ultimate of a charmed life as I walked home with my kids, under the canopy of yellow leaved trees, carrying my pumpkin in my arms. :)

I got this wreath at Michael's a couple of years ago..... Sage said she doesn't like the glitter on it, but I think it's very delicate looking and pretty.

2. I was super proud of Austin yesterday. He had to run the endurance run at school (1.6 km, or 1 mile for my american friends). Last spring, it had taken him over 12 minutes to run it. When he came home from school, he had me guess his time.......... 9 min 45 seconds! He said he "ran" the whole thing (so, no walking or stopping) and when he was done, he couldn't even talk, it was so hard to breathe! I told him I was so proud of him, multiple times, because to me, this meant that he tried his best, which is all I ever desire from my kids.

3. Sage came home from school yesterday with a tree seedling for us to plant. We chose a nice spot in the backyard, behind our new patio, where I think it will flourish. I said we'd have to take a photo of her in her grad dress (in less than 10 years) beside it.

4.  So, Sage and I have been busy this week..... making bracelets. We're using the new paper bead die from Papertrey Ink, some of my 6x6 paper pads and some beads I bought at Walmart. We've made 16 so far. We're planning on selling them as a fundraiser for my mission trip to Congo.


So, I'm still a little unsure of how much to charge. My friend, Val, suggested $10 each, which seems high to me, but $5 seems too low (it is a fundraiser, after all). I'm leaning towards $8 each, but 3 for $20. What do you think?

5. And, I wanted to share the first layout that I made at my crop last weekend. It's the first layout for my photo-a-day summer 2012.

I used American Crafts cardstock (12x12), Papertrey Ink cardstock (white), stamps (fabulous frames) and dies (fabulous frames, modern alphabet uppercase and modern numbers).

Have a great weekend!
Thanks for looking!


craftmates said...

Love all your projcts Leigh! Your layout is fabulous. Fabulous Frames is perfect for it! The bracelets, well, so pretty.-Irma

Anonymous said...

Love your bracelets. The paper beads mix well with the beads. I like your thinking of 3 for $xx or 1 for yy. Good luck fundraising.

Teresa Kline said...

great fall have gotten a lot accomplished...wishing you have a fabulous week to come!

enjoy *~*

Karin Ă…kesdotter said...

LOVELY projects! I absolutely LOVE your layout - wonderful design and such a cool idea!

Twin Brother said...

Please tell Austin that Uncle Chris and Auntie Cheryl are super proud of him too.

LG said...

I love all those photos, beautifully taken. Your layout is soooo amazing. Glad you incorporated all those journaling

Tracy said...

the frames are such a fabulous way to do each day - i absolutely love this idea! (i've been doing something like project life and used them in pockets but this presentation is wonderful! you're a clever girl :-))