Friday, June 29, 2018

Five for Friday

I know it's been a long time since I posted a "Five for Friday."
Life has been pretty busy lately -- I would have thought I would 
be used to working full time by now.
Not that I'm not enjoying it -- I truly love my job!
But between that, and spending time with my family, my blog has been a little neglected.

So, I thought I'd give you a bit of an update on how my family is doing...

1. Austin finished his first year at Steinbach Bible College and really enjoyed it.

 He decided to spend his summer serving at Roseau River Bible camp,
and really seems to be liking that, too.
It's over an hour away from home, so he's only been home for a couple of weekends,
but he seems quite happy, which makes me happy.

2. Jonah had a busy spring.
He was involved in the school play (Dorothy in Wonderland -- a mash up of
The Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland -- it was very fun!)
Jonah played the Mad Hatter and he was fabulous!

He is also busy with jazz choir, band &  jazz band, where he plays the double bass.

He's also been learning how to drive (he's quite good!) and got a job
serving at our Access Event Centre.


Sage has also had a busy spring, as she finished up Grade 8 -- singing in choirs,
being in her school play (Madagascar) and having a big role in her school's medieval feast,
where she was the lady of the feast and sang a solo.

The feast lasted an hour and I don't think she stopped smiling the whole time!

4. As proud as my children's accomplishments make me, however,
nothing gave me more joy than to watch Sage & Jonah get baptized on May 27th at our church.

5. My job at Two30Nine is going really well!

On Monday, I went to visit a client whose kitchen I designed.
Because she lives in North Dakota, we couldn't install it for her,
so she ordered it as supply only. 
I told her once it was done, I really wanted to come and see the end result.
She is so happy with how it turned out -- and so am I!

The upper cabinets are painted with White Dove & the lower ones are Hale Navy
(both of these colours are Benjamin Moore).

I love how crisp and warm this feels!

I love the framed glass doors!

I designed a custom hood so my client's husband wouldn't hit his head while he cooks.

I also designed some built-ins beside the new fireplace to replace the angled cabinets that 
were there before.
The TV is on an arm that swings out when they want to watch it from the couch.

I can't even explain how exciting it is for me to see
one of my designs on paper (or on the computer) become a beautiful kitchen in the end!

If you'd like to see more of my work, please follow me on instagram
or visit my Houzz page and follow me there.

Okay, there's my update.

We're off to Sage's awards ceremony for the Grade 8s at her school.
I'm pretty sure she'll be getting an award for making the honour roll this year. :)

Thanks for looking!


Unknown said...

An update! Hooray!

You are such a wonderful mother to your children - and it shows through and through each and every day. You're an inspiration!

The kitchen turned out BEAUTIFULLY! It looks like a page out of a magazine! Wonderful wonderful job!

Vikki H said...

Thanks, Leigh! It's wonderful to see your family and all the fun things they are doing as students. So sweet to see their stand for Jesus too!

Kris said...

Thanks so much for sharing your family with us, Leigh! You must be so proud and happy - maybe not as much for your children's accomplishments this year, but that they seem so happy doing what they're doing! You must be an awesome mom :) Love the kitchen design - wish you worked near me! Have a great weekend...

Betty said...

so fun to see an update on your lovely family, Leigh

Cindy said...

Thanks for the great update Leigh. I was wondering how you were. I enjoy hearing updates about you and your lovely family. Hope you have a great summer.