Sunday, February 12, 2006

Baby Shower

I told my church last year that I would be in charge of planning the baby showers at our church (or at least making sure that they happen). First-time moms get a shower. So, tomorrow night, my friend, Val & I are having a shower at the church for three first-time moms. We'll set up during the day, some women agreed to bring trifles, Val's making the coffee, another woman is bringing the punch & I'll be the host. I don't have to do too much talking, which is good. One other woman will speak as well and I've asked Merley, Val's sister-in-law to pray for the moms.

I did, however, offer to make the cards.

Hopefully it will be a good time for everyone and will show the three new moms our support & encouragement.


Heather M. said...

Ohhhh, Leigh! The cards are GORGEOUS!!!!!!! I hope the shower goes well!!!! What a great idea!

Heather said...
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Heather said...

Sorry that was me. My post made no sense after I read it. So lets try again.

Great that you are taking charge at your church. Our church doesn't really have anything like that although the church does make a very nice gift package for the mom.

I love the cards. They are goregous!!

Crystal said...

What beautiful cards - and what a thoughtful thing to do! Hope it was fun!!