Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Breaking in the new couch

Last Wednesday, Cameron & I drove into Winnipeg in the pursuit of a new couch and loveseat. (Our couch was over 12 years old, the springs were going, and it just wasn't looking very pretty anymore.)

Happily, we found a chocolate brown leather couch and loveseat that we both liked, for a price we could live with. So we loaded them up in the truck and brought them home.

We've still had our old couch in the living room, so the kids have mostly be sitting on that.

But this morning, I caught Jonah and Sage sitting in their typical tv-watching positions on the new couch. When I tried to take some pictures of them, they started goofing around a little. So I captured this:

But then they settled down and a little while later, I found them like this:

These two are way too adorable!


anita said...

Oh my gosh...those are the cutest pictures ever! glad they're enjoying the new couch! (it makes a much nicer backdrop for pics too! ;)

valerie said...

love how sage is the pillow! :) Too cute. Great new couch...

Heather M. said...

Sweet photos! I love the couch - we'd love a chocolate brown leather one!

Heather said...

Awe!! Just the cutest!!! WAHOO on the new couch!