Thursday, May 17, 2007

What I've been up to lately:

I got my livingroom & dining area painted to go with the new couch. I was going to go with Benjamin Moore's Delaware Putty (because I love it in Anita's house) , but Cameron found 3/4 of a gallon of paint in the basement and took it to get retinted. We did the first coat and it was a little darker than I expected (although anything different from the Cloud White walls I've lived with for almost seven years seems dark!), so when I did the second coat on Monday, I added a little white and am quite happy with the results. We're calling it a "custom colour."

I also got five curtain panels at JYSK and cut one apart and sewed it to two others from my front window. I cut another one apart and added part of it to a fifth panel and made a valence for my dining room. I also moved some furniture around and the effect is warm and surprisingly larger.

Jonah and Sage have been sick for the last week. So, we've been spending time inside. And they've been napping, which is kind of nice.

Sage has "given up" napping, but it's still fun to find her falling asleep in strange positions/places.

Austin had his first baseball game of the season last night. He hadn't hit the ball in practice yet, so I told him if he hit the ball and got on base, I'd take him out for ice cream. Well, at his third at bat, he hit the ball, made it to first and, when other team mates hit the ball, made it home to score his first run of the season. :)

Baked banana-oatmeal-chocolate chip muffins this afternoon with Jonah while Sage slept.

Jonah's sitting beside me watching a taped episode of Zoboomafoo while I get in some computer time. (He's rediscovered the cheetah head!)

On Monday, we had the second day of the photography challenge for Morden's 125th. Unfortunately with the rain all day and Austin's cancelled baseball practice in the evening, I didn't get the shots I wanted. I managed to run out at 1pm while Cam watched Sage and Jonah and take some pictures, but none that I was thrilled with. (Although, I'm realizing that I really enjoy photographing people. I thought all of my shots would have been great with some people in them. Good to know for July 1st (our third day.) Any volunteers to model for me? ;) )

The 5km run/walk/ride that I'm organizing will take place next Saturday. Proceeds from the run will go towards purchasing sewing machines for women in the Congo who have been abandoned by their husbands and need to support their families. I was emailed a link that you can listen to one woman's story, but warning, it's graphic and extremely disturbing. Click here if you want to listen to it.

Things were going well for the event, but I got a call from the Morden Police Service this afternoon, telling me I need to change my route and submit a new one today or tomorrow. So, when I go get Austin after school, we'll drive around and figure out a new route.

Austin, Jonah, Sage and I will be participating in the event by bike. If you'd like to sponsor us with a pledge, please email me. :)

I've finally gotten outside and started to clean up my gardens. My front one is a little busy, so I think I'll be pulling out some allysum and my one hydragea that didn't die, moving a few plants around and adding some wood chips. I think this would look nicer and be a little easier to maintain. (If you have any advice about where's a good place to plant an Annabell Hydragea, feel free to let me know!)

Okay, long post. If you're still reading, thanks!


Eva said...

You've been busy! Are you going to share some more pics of your newly painted rooms? ;)

Heather said...

Hope your walk/run all worked out and everyone is feeling better now.

Heather M. said...

Those muffins look DELISH! Great photo!
I hope things go well with the run/walk and everyone feels better soon!