Friday, October 12, 2007

It's Friday

Wow. What a week this has been.
The biggest stresser for me this week has been the fact that I have two events on the weekend that I am in charge of organizing.
The first: a baby shower for someone at our church. So I've had to coordinate the food, collect money, make a card (not to self: finish card!), find a speaker, organize a game, get the room set up and decorated...
And the second: our first Take-It-Home event for our church. We want to start equipping parents to be the spirirtual leaders of their homes, so we're starting to have Take-It-Home Events, where the kids and parents are learning together and can hopefully "take it home" and implement what they're learning at home to impact their kids for Jesus. So for this I've had to redo a booklet we'll be working through, organize the supplies & make 21 felt Bible covers for the kids to decorate for their craft-time, write my talk and meet with another volunteer to plan who's going to say and do what. (Okay, the volunteer is my good friend, Val, so that wasn't stressful or anything, but it still takes up time.)
But, as always, God is faithful and gives me good things to balance out stress in my life. Some of the good things have included:
Connecting with Anita-- always a favourite for me!

Coffee with Val this morning.

My Scenic Route prize arrived on Wednesday:

I got 12 sheets of patterned paper, a sheet of die cuts, some alphabet stickers, word stickers and chipboard words. Nice!

We started skating last night. Austin, Jonah & Sage are all taking lessons this year.

They were all pretty excited, especially Sage.

I was a little worried because she fell down a lot, but she was smiling when she came off the ice and said she loved it! :)

I had a children's ministry meeting last night at Marlo's and she invited me to scrapbook with her afterward and I got these two layouts done:

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Heather said...

Sounds like a great week and how awesome to be able to pour into the kids and parents like that.

Great pages you did too.