Saturday, October 06, 2007


So many things to be thankful for, big & small.

Here's are some of mine:

1. that Jesus died for me & rose from the dead
2. my husband
3. my kids
4. my friends
5. my extended family
6. my church family
7. our home
8. scrapbooking
9. music
10. books
11. that we are healthy and food-allergy-free
12. our town
13. hugs
14. phonecalls
15. emails & pms
16. My Scrap Shoppe
17. sudoku
18. vehicles that run
19. warm clothes
20. R.O.X. and all the kids that come
For these things, and infinitely more, I'm so thankful to God.
Happy Thanksgiving!


Heather M. said...

So good to read your list. We all have so much to be thankful for. I hope you had a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Eva said...

Great list, Leigh! Hope you had a good Thanksgiving weekend!