Saturday, January 03, 2009


my my list for 2008.

Last January, I posted a list of things I hoped to accomplish in 2008. Just for fun, I thought I'd post the list again here and highlight in blue, the things I did.

Lose 20 lbs (and keep it off!)
Go on the Women’s Retreat at church
Go on a spa day with Darlene
Install new carpeting and paint my basement
Do something creative with the canvases I bought
Go on a car trip with my family
Sleep in a tent with my kids
Get a new swimsuit
Make a new advent calendar for next Christmas
Be on time more often
Volunteer regularly in the boys’ classes
Sign up for Tae Kwon Do with Austin
Make crafts with Sage
Do the mosaic puzzle that I got a few years ago
Plant sunflowers in my garden
Go away for a night with some friends
Have friends over for supper
Join a couples’ Bible study/care group
Send notes of encouragement
Be more on top of things
Say no when someone asks me to do something (at least once!)
Get a new bike
Go to reading time at the library with Sage
Walk to school more often
Get a new winter jacket with matching ski pants
Take my kids ice skating
Go to a movie at the theatre
Take a picture everyday (Project 365)
Go on a date with Cameron—just the two of us
Learn how to download songs from iTunes
Spend time with my kids one-on-one
Learn how to use my camera better
Go to a movie at the drive-in
Spend more time outdoors
Plan another 5km Walk/Run/Ride for the Congo
Participate in #36 by running
Organize my house
Play the piano

So, all in all, not bad I'd say.

I probably lost 20lbs: my pattern for the year: I lost some weight, I gained back and lost again and gained back. However, I'm 8 lbs. lighter than I was in spring, so that's something.

The tent thing didn't happen because we don't have a tent.

The sunflowers didn't either, because really, I don't have room for them in my garden.

I'm sorry Cameron and I didn't join a care group or go on a date (isn't that sad?)

The movie at the drive-in is definitely something I want to do this year.

The walk/run/ride for the Congo didn't happen this year, but I did participated in a 10km run in Treherne and ran the whole thing. :)

So, for this year, I'm pairing down. LOL!
I've come up with a list of 5 goals for 2009:

(And yes, I'm aware that I sound like a broken record about the weight loss thing, but this is my year! I just know it!!)

And here's the layout do go with my list:

I used the {Scrap} Pack kit at Just Cre8, as well as some Making Memories notebook paper and a Heidi Swapp butterfly.


Susan Coish said...

Wow! You accomplished a lot past year! Great idea to write all these things down! And I like your shortened list for this year too! Good luck on accomplishing ALL of it!!

Anonymous said...

i just started on my goal list this afternoon. 20 pounds is on my list too :) love this post leigh! :)

Elizabeth said...

You did accomplish a lot in 2008! Good for you girl!! Hoping that you'll do just as well with 2009!!! Those are great goals!

Jennifer said...

you accomplished a lot in '08! Great job! Love your list and layout for '09!

Lauren said...

you totally got a lot accomplished!!! wow you go girl! I love the layout!way to write goals down! I'm a big fan!

Audrey Pettit said...

How fabulous, Leigh! I LOVE your page, love your list of goals. I really, really do adore your style!
How cool that you re-visited your list of 2008 goals. I want to do something like this for this year. I did do a page of some general hopes and dreams for 2009, which was new to me....but I think I need to get a bit specific.
And I have to tell you that I have been so inspired by your project 365, that I'm going to attempt to do something like that this year. I've taken a picture every day so far, but not sure I can make it last. maybe I'll play along with Davinie's project 12.

Danielle Calhoun said...

I love this page Leigh! something about getting those goals down on paper makes it realistic to complete them! you did awesome on your goals in 08'!

Heather M. said...

You accomplished a whole lot last year, Leigh! WOW! WTG!

I love the layout for this year's goals!

Anonymous said...

way to go on that list...I had planned on doing a list last year, but it didn't happen. But after seeing yours, I'm going to do one too.