Wednesday, August 19, 2009

August photos of the day

Three years ago, we were challenged on My Scrap Shoppe to take a photo each day for a month and make a layout with the photos (I think we were inspired by a layout in CK at the time.) Here's the layout I made from 2006:

It was a great idea and I thought I'd revisit it this summer as well.

With the Project 365 last year and only missing one day out of 366, I thought this would be a breeze. However, once you're out of the habit of taking photos EVERYDAY, it's a little tricky. So here are the photos I've taken so far, but I am missing a few days.

And, that's okay.

8.01: Biking to the library (notice that Jonah forgot to take off his bike helmet.)

8.03: Strawberry picking with my MIL.

8.04: Hanging out at the beach with friends.

8.05: My older brother and his beautiful girlfriend came for a visit from Montreal.

8.06: I took this picture at the park during our scavenger hunt for Jonah's birthday party. I thought it was so sweet!

8.07: Our tae kwon do promotion test in Treherne (Cameron took the picture-- that's me on the right sitting down, waiting for my turn.)

8.09: Me, reading the newest Sophie Kinsella book on my front steps.

8.10: Soccer practice. Look at my girl!

8.12: Delivering 473 phonebooks on a hot summer morning in Winkler. Notice how red everyone's faces are!

8.13: At the library reading program wind-up. Austin won the grand prize (a 2-3 person tent). Ronald McDonald was the special guest who picked his name from the draw.

After the wind-up, we went to the wading pool and I got a couple more good shots.

8.15: Austing took a water balloon and put it in the freezer. When he took it out and removed the balloon, this is what he got. Isn't it cool?

8.16: Jonah lost his first tooth at the beach... literally. He'd taken a bite of puffed wheat cake and it fell out and he spit it out on the sand. They never found it. But, with this picture as proof, the tooth fairy still brought him a loonie. ;)

Thanks for looking!


Mia C. said...

Love the photos Leigh! I really need to be more proactive with taking daily pictures. :)

Gabrielle said...

Great photos! I started 365 this year but when hubby left for Iraq in got rather busy around our house! HAHA!

Jen Sue Wild said...

Oh my you take great pictures !!

Shanna Vineyard said...

Leigh! Love this post! So fun! And You are sooooo good at scrapping lots of photos! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Awww, his first tooth. LOVE that!!! Oh and the water balloon ~ so neat!

Michelle @ AMM

stefani said...

Love the layout design of your August page. Your pictures for this month are great too.

Michell said...

Really great pictures..
Thanks for sharing with us..

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