Thursday, August 13, 2009

Denver: Day 7

This is it! The last day of our trip! And it only took me a little over a month to get it all posted here....

We spent the night in Hot Springs, SD and got up early to drive to Mount Rushmore through Wind Cave National park and Custer State Park. Driving through these parks, we got to see some beautiful scenery and a lot of wildlife...

We stopped for breakfast at the Blue Bell Resort-- the prices were a little steep for us, so we ended up sharing one order of pancakes and one waffle between the five of us!

Then, onto Mount Rushmore...

A really nice family from Colorado took our family pictures for us (& of course, we returned the favour!) They were a little shocked that we'd come this close to Mount Rushmore (we took this photo at a lookout point) and weren't going to go to the actual site. But, we were running low on funds and were happy with the views we got of it. (And we were especially happy with our decision when we drove closer to the site and saw how crazy busy it was, being the holiday weekend and all.)

I loved driving through these tunnels!

Our next stop, Wall, SD. We got out and explored for about an hour or so. Very touristy and fun! I thought Jonah would love the T-Rex that comes to life every 12 minutes, but it freaked him out a little. Oh well....

The boys loved looking through all the containers of rocks.

And after Wall, we boogied on home. Through Pierre, SD, we turned north and crossed the border shortly after midnight, making it home before 2 am. Crazy, but we didn't want to have to pay for another hotel. The kids had all travelled really well and fell asleep at around nine, so it was a fairly peaceful drive home.

And that, my friends, is our trip to Denver.

I made a mini-album of our trip to give to my SIL as a thank you gift. (She loved it!) I made it using the August kit at MSS.

If you'd like to see more of it, click here.

Thanks for looking!


ellen s. said...

oh off to see more of that cute mini! love the photo of mt. rushmore

marcy said...

Hey... you're still beating me! I'm still not done my Florida pics (from March!!)

Crystal said...

I love that little album!! You are such a creative inspiration, Leigh. I want to design a travel journal /album to take with me on an upcoming holiday and this would be perfect. Loved hearing all the details about this family trip!

Michell said...

wow,amazing pictures..
The album is beautiful..
Thanks for sharing with us..

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