Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December 28th

Austin's best friend, Soren, came over for the day. They played PS3 (Soren's), Wii and watched videos. They also went tobogganning with Jonah & Sage. My niece, Heidi, came over for lunch and to scrapbook together.

December 27th

Sage spent the night at my MIL's, so the boys and I went to Winkler in the morning to spend their Christmas money. We relaxed for the rest of the day. I scrapbooked at the dining room table. My niece, Heidi, dropped in for a bit. After supper, we had a movie night.

December 26th

We went to the farm in the afternoon to celebrate Cam's mom's birthday.

December 25th

We spent the morning at home, opening gifts and putting together Lego sets. In the afternoon, we went to the farm. Cam's sister's family was there, too. We skated for a bit on the rink Cam built. I went for a walk with my SIL & her daughter. We had supper together and opened gifts afterwards.

December 24th

Cameron took Austin & Sage to the farm with him in the morning, so Jonah & I hung out together at home. We did patterns, practised piano and made cookies. After lunch, Austin, Jonah & Sage went tobogganning while I walked to Coop for some groceries. When I got back to the school, we walked to the library together. In the evening, we attended a fabulous Christmas Eve service at my church.

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