Monday, November 11, 2013

A Pumpkin Party -- Part 1

 On the last Saturday in October, I hosted a Pumpkin Party for my Sunday School class.
I have a group of 10 eight and nine years olds and
I thought it would be fun to have them over for a little party.

Sage and I had fun getting ready.

We changed up our chalk board for the party and added some little fake pumpkins for
decoration on the piano.
We also covered the table with paper and I wrote each child's name on it to mark their place.

It was Sage's idea to make a garland from leaves. 
We die cut these from patterned paper and my four leaf dies and I sewed them together.
We draped some of the garland over the chalkboard frame and 
the rest, we hung in our dining room window.

When the kids arrived, we had them hunt for the pumpkins we'd hidden in the house. 
Then, they got to decorate them, using feathers, felt, patterned paper and markers.

The end results were pretty adorable!

And the kids seemed pretty pleased with them, too.

After we were done with our craft, the kids played outside in the backyard, 
while I set up the food.

I had to use my beverage server, because, well, I just love it! 
I made a homemade iced-tea recipe and 
then Jonah and I combined a lemonade frozen concentrate 
with a berry frozen concentrate to make a second drink that was a huge hit!

I also served...

I was inspired by the cookies that Elena decorated 
and attempted to decorate mine in the same fashion.

I made up the little cards for the food by printing the names on card stock with my printer and then stamping some images from Reverse Confetti's Forever Fall stamp set.

Thanks for looking!


Elena said...

wow - your cookies look amazing (actually, neater than mine I think, haha) great job, Leigh!

Lisa Elton said...

That a fun party idea Leigh, the kids did a great job on their pumpkins!! Cute garland and food tags too!!

~amy~ said...

How FUN! super cute ideas!

Jennifer K said...

Geez, what is it with you Canadian girls and your perfect parties?! LOL Looks fab, Leigh and the kids look very happy to be participating.

Happy Dance said...

How sweet of you to have your SS class come over and party! I'm sure they all had a fun time -- it sure looks like it from your photos. Yesterday my SS class made "tongues of flame" with felt and headbands. They're age 3-kindergarten. Love the RC food tags too. Bev

merryf said...

OMG this is the cutest idea for a party ever! Love Sage's idea of hanging leaves as a garland, and writing each child's name on the table. That is truly inspired! can I come next time? ;-)

~Lori~ said...

This is one of my most favorite posts of yours ever ... I love the party idea and all of the *details.* Such an awesome job! High five to you and Sage.

Miriam Prantner said...

This looks like such a fun party! Loving all the details from the writing on the table to the decorations to the refreshments!

Linda Nicholson said...

What a fun party! Looks like the kids had a wonderful time...what a wonderful memory for them all!


TLady said...

LOOKS LIKE SOME YOUNG PEOPLE HAD SOME FUN!!!!!!!!!!!! AND YOU TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!:) I'm SURE they will remember this for a VERY LONG TIME!!!!!!!!!!:)

Jill Norwood said...

Leigh and Sage - What a wonderful party! I love the garland you made and the beautiful pumpkins! And the food looks like it was delicious! Great use of the RC stamps! I bet everyone had such a lovely time! Thanks for sharing!

Lisa H. said...

soooo so sweet and adorable.

Anita Rex said...

Amazing! You did a great job with this party! I love the food, the cards are so sweet and that stamp set is perfect! :). So wonderful of you to host this party!

Chrissy Larson said...

You guys have the coolest parties. I want to come! If only! ;) I love the food labels. Super awesome!

Kara said...

Wonderful party!! Beautiful and fun!

Alanna said...

What a great idea. Everything looks fabulous.

Tracey McNeely said...

Leigh you put together a fantastic party, love your decorations and great ideas! Your cookies are absolutely fantastic!

Kelly Griglione said...

And I was not at all disappointed!! FAB PARTY!!! I so appreciate all your details. I'm sure the names written on the table made each child feel extra special at your party (and how nice to have them over to your house!!!) The cookies look like they were from a boutique bakery, and I'm in love with your beverage dispenser. It adds so much color to your tablescape! I had it pinned awhile ago, and recently removed it because I figured I didn't have room to store something that large (trying to be better about that kind of stuff). But now that I see how you've used it, I decided I want it again. Was it Pier 1?! Didn't it have 3 levels? I totally can't remember.

alexandra s.m. said...

What a fabulous party!
I'm blown away ;)
Thank You for sharing it with us!