Friday, June 12, 2015

Five for Friday

1. Sage & I got our fairy gardens done on Saturday.
I had purchased two galvanized containers at Home Sense.
We bought some succulents, took some moss from a friend
& made some buildings & fairy accessories out of air-dry clay.

Five for Friday Leigh Penner #fairygardens

Here's what the container on the top step holds.

Five for Friday Leigh Penner #fairygardens

We created the house front from air-dry clay and painted it with acrylic paints
& clear coated it. 
For this house, we just made a front and put it in front of some soil, with moss on the top.

Five for Friday Leigh Penner #fairygardens

We made a little bridge from air-dry clay and pressed the pieces onto
my woodgrain impression plate to add a woodgrain look.
We purchased the blue stones at Walmart for "water".

Five for Friday Leigh Penner #fairygardens

We created this litlle birdbath and added a stone for more water. ;)

Five for Friday Leigh Penner #fairygardens

In the second container, we created a house with four sides.

Five for Friday Leigh Penner #fairygardens

We also made a little bench (the same as the bridge) and a little bird
and even a book (which I impressed with my text impression plate.)

Five for Friday Leigh Penner #fairygardens

The last container is a metal pail that I bought years ago at a garage sale
and painted silver.

Five for Friday Leigh Penner #fairygardens

We purchased these chairs at our local nursery.
We made the table and little teacups from the air-dry clay.
Sage also made a well.

Five for Friday Leigh Penner #fairygardens

Using my Silhouette, I recreated the diamond from the other two containers
and cut it out, along with our house number.

2. It's been so nice out, we've been riding our bikes/rollerblading (Jonah) everywhere.

Five for Friday Leigh Penner #summer

I took this photo on the way home from church on Sunday morning.

3. We attended the annual Family Fun Day at Winkler Bible Camp on Sunday.
Austin chose not to come, saying he was too old.
But the four of use had a great time!

The photo (bottom, centre) shows Jonah & I canoeing on the lake.
He decided to stand up and pretend he was in a gondola and even started singing!
He's too funny!
He was trying to freak me out into thinking we'd capsize, but I stayed calm & cool. ;)

4. I bought some Prima Watercolor pencils on Wednesday at my LSS.

I decided to try them out and made this card:

Five for Friday Leigh Penner #cards

I did some smooshing in Altenew's Frosted Pink on the background.
I stamped the sentiment (from Gracious Greetings).
I stamped the flowers (from SSS's Flowers on My Mind) onto their coordinating diecuts.
Then, I added colour with the pencils and then went over them with a paintbrush 
dipped in water.
There's definitely a learning curve there, but I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.

5. Jonah has been counting down the days to today for weeks....
He's taking me out for supper tonight (A&W) & then we're going to see Jurassic World in 3D!
He's treating me -- it's my Mother's Day present from him.
Dinner & a movie with a handsome young man?
Sounds good to me!

Thanks for looking!


Diana K said...

I heart this. I have those same Prima watercolour pencils but haven't been successful with them at all! Your card is lovely.

Susanne Vargas said...

Oh, I love your fairy gardens! The buildings and all the adorable details!
Very pretty card!
Have fun at your dinner and movie! You have awesome kids!

Miriam Prantner said...

Those fairy gardens look great and love that watercolored card!

Beth H. said...

Those gardens are adorable and I love your card!

Kay Miller said...

Your photos are all so fun! The fairy gardens are amazing! What a fun project with your daughter! Your card is just beautiful too!!

Marybeth said...

I love the fairy gardens, I bought my granddaughters some books with so many pictures fun to look and get ideas. Love the chairs and the glass for water. How fun .. you're a good mom Leigh! Hope the kids have a wonderful summer.
Love your beautiful card ,wow thats pretty!

Sharon Underwood said...

Love the fairy gardens! It's good to see some family pictures. Cherish those days while you have them -- kids grow up too fast!

I Card Everyone said...

You and Sage did a fabulous job on your fairy gardens... I'll be watching for a few wings for you... they seem to molt in my gardens! Your day with the kids always seems like fun... whatever day it is! and I love your smooshed, and water-colored card... have a great weekend, Leigh!
=] Michele

laurie said...

Just beautiful!

Jean said...

Your week sounds busy but wonderfully fun! And those fairy gardens look enchanting!

Joyce said...

Love all the wonderful things going on in your life.

Joni Andaya said...

Very Pretty <3

Michelle said...

Those fairy gardens are fantastic!! You and Sage need to come over here and help me make some. :-)

Audrey Pettit said...

I LOVE your Friday posts SO much, Leigh! You guys are SO adorable! I absolutely LOVE your fairy gardens, and I'm so completely awed by all your wonderful clay creations. Thanks so much for sharing all those photos. And looks like you all have been having so much family fun. Too bad Austin is outgrowing family fun day........ I gotta drag my boy to anything these days.... even our family trip to the beach last week. Poor guy was tortured by it! ;)
Beautiful card, too! Love the soft colors and the smooshed background, and the flowers are wonderful!

cm said...

Those fairy gardens are spectacular, with the highlight being you and Sage creating them together! More heart-warming bonding! The fun-activity photos: will you adopt me? So much fun, and so many memories to cherish being made. Ahhh...the Prima pencils. I have two sets and...well, still not sure about them. Learning curve - again!! Looks like you have them mastered; your flowers are soooo pretty!