Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Our Trip to Denver

So, last month, I took my kids out of school for a week
so we could drive to Denver, CO to visit family
and attend the Denver Comic Con.

I'm sorry that I haven't shared these sooner, but
we got back on the 23rd, and my family came to visit the next day
for my mom's 80th and it's been a little crazy.
But now that I've had time to catch my breath,
I can share.... ;)

It took us 19 hours to get to Denver.
Austin shared the driving with me (which was great!)

We spent the night in Rapid City,
where I stopped by their Hobby Lobby and stocked
up on watercolour paper. :)
We made it to Denver just before supper time on Friday, June 17th.

My husband's sister lives there with her family
and we enjoyed spending time with them -- shopping,
having lunch at Costco, playing kickball, attending their church,
& going swimming, for walks and for a hike in the hills.

I love this photo!

On the Sunday, we went to Comic Con, which was at 
the Colorado Convention Centre.
We took the Light Rail there and then the shuttle.
Outside, there's a huge statue of a blue bear who's
looking in to see what's going on -- so fun!

A lot of people enjoyed our costumes!
Here we are standing in line to get our picture taken with Stan Lee.

Cool, eh?
And then Sage and I got our picture taken with Alex Kingston
(of ER and Doctor Who fame).

She was so fun!
She's holding a Pop Vinyl doll of her character on Doctor Who: River Song.

Jonah asked some Star Wars cosplayers if he could get his photo taken with them.

And Sage and I found a fellow Dalek...

It was a fun convention!

On Monday, we drove to Colorado Springs to go
to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, which was amazing!

We got to feed giraffes...

... and pet wallabies.

One our way back, we stopped at Focus on the Family.
We are huge fans of Adventures in Odyssey (and listened
to quite a few of them on our road trip through the Dakotas
and Wyoming) and thought it would be fun to get 
some ice cream treats at Whit's End.

Austin and Sage got their picture taken with some of their
favourite characters. :)

On Wednesday, we started our drive home.
We stopped in Sylvan Lake where we met Patti of Stationery Styles.
She is lovely -- so kind and generous and
a wonderful tour guide as well!

We had lunch together at the Sylvan Lake Lodge
and then went for a walk on the path around the lake.

The kids had fun climbing on the rocks.
It's such a beautiful landscape!

We also took a drive on the needles highway, which was amazing!
It was so fun to meet an online crafty friend in real life!
Thanks again, Patti, for giving up your afternoon
to spend with us!
We had so much fun!

And, if you've made it this far, we've come to the end of the trip....
pretty much!
We spend the night in Rapid City and got up early to drive
12 hours to get home. :)

I'm really glad we took the time to go on this trip.
Comic Con was important to Austin and with him graduating next year,
I really felt it was good for us to take the time to make these memories together.

Thanks for looking!


Lynn said...

Your trip looks absolutely wonderful Leigh! Thanks so much for sharing your memories with us! xx

Tracy said...

Looks like an awesome family trip. Thanks for sharing!

Patti said...

Leigh you have such a beautiful family! I loved watching Austin and Jonah looking out for Sage on our hike and the kind and playful way they had with one another. You are a wonderful Mom to some truly wonderful kids! God has richly blessed you, friend.

Thank YOU! for taking time out to meet up with me. It was a highlight of my summer : )

BIG (((Hugs)))

Diana K said...

I appreciate so much you sharing with us like this, Leigh. You are an awesome mom and your kids look to be amazing. Hate to point this out to you, but both Austin AND Jonah are taller than you!

McStamper said...

What a wonderful trip. Thanks so much for sharing your pictures and memories.

Audrey Pettit said...

Awww, looks like an absolutely amazing trip! I'm SO glad you all had such a wonderful time! I agree, these family moments are so very precious! Thanks for sharing!

Celeste Goff said...

Looks like you and the family had an amazing trip Leigh! I love, love, love Denver...such a pretty city!

Megan Carroll said...

Sounds like a great trip! And I didn't miss the fact you stocked up on watercolor paper....Yeah for you!!

cm said...

WOW! Talk about a jam-packed adventure, filled with memory-making moments that will be treasured forever! Again, your love for you children, and theirs for you and one another, shines through every photo. Beautiful landscapes, exciting opportunities to meet some favourite 'characters', sweet experiences with interesting critters (feeding a giraffe...how cool is that!): how fantastic! And meeting Patti? Only ultra cool! Thank you for sharing your journey with us...and even though Austin is graduating, my crystal ball sees many more travels with all of you together, having a blast!

Lisa said...

Beautiful family, beautiful memories made together!! How fun that you got to meet Patti too!!

Bobby said...

This sounds like the trip of a lifetime, Leigh, and I'm glad you all got to share this time together. Plus the bonus of meeting a crafty friend and going to Comic Con. What more could a person ask for.

Joyce said...

Love seeing the photos from your fantastic trip.

Sherrie M. said...

Looks like a fabulous adventure Leigh! Thanks for sharing. Wow, love Alex KIngston! She looks gorgeous!.