Friday, March 02, 2007

Snow much fun!


I was scrapbooking with some friends a couple of weeks ago and we were looking at some snow pictures and saying how years ago, we would have scrapbooked them:

"On such and such a date, we went to the park to play in the snow. You had such a good time..."

And the title would have been something like: "Snow much fun" or "I love you snow much."

And now, more of us scrapbook not so much the event, but the moment, or who our kids are, what they're like. And that's all good.

But, I still like the event scrapbooking, too. I'm good with it. I want to remember that day in February 2007 when we went to the park, who came with us, what we did, how much fun we had...

And hey, we live in Southern Manitoba, where snow is a huge reality for us. And therefore, I have to take pictures of it. And then scrapbook them.

But I don't do the punny titles. Ever.

Here are some shots I took this morning. The boys love playing on our neighbour's yard, where they dug a tunnel through a snowhill. Cameron was shoveling snow. Sage & I came out to help.

See, I think by scrapbooking these moments (or events, such as they are) that the kids will get a glimpse later at what life was like when they were seven and four and how even though Daddy was quite busy most of the time, he would take some time to play with them outside.

And that's what I hope they'll remember.


tammy said...

I still like scrapping events too. Certain days I just want to remember. Great pictures.

Eva said...

What's wrong with punny titles? ;) Great pics!

anita said...

looks like they had snow much fun out there Leigh! great pics!

Heather said...

I love teh scrap events too but do some moments stuff. It just doesn't come to me easily.

My brain isn't that great at titles so it's usually the punny ones. It's a bit too predictable but it's too hard coming up with a great title.

Crystal said...

Nice pictures! Miss those days of tunneling in the snow.