Thursday, July 26, 2007

So sweet

Yesterday afternoon, I was scrapbooking at my craft table and Sage wanted to "do scrapbooking" with me "with paint."

So I set her up with some pink cardstock, purple paint and a paintbrush and she was as happy as a clam. And while I scrapbooked, I mean, we scrapbooked, she chatted away.

And I, being the wonderful mother that I am, tuned her out.

But then I tuned in when she said something about "thankful for loving me."

"What did you say, Sage?"

"I said: "Thank you, God, for loving me. And thank you, God, for Daddy and for Mommy and for Jonah and for Austin!""

Totally makes me understand what Jesus meant when he said we need to become like little children.


Eva said... that! :)

Heather said...

Just too sweet!! What a precious moment.